By Tanzanian Law, only hunting clients are permitted to hunt. Clients are only permitted to hunt those animals for which their permit is issued, subject to quota availability. Any observer who may wish to hunt will have to upgrade to a hunting client status. All relevant hunting fees will then be applicable. The Hunting Season – runs from 1st July through to 30 TH MARCH, Masai Land is best hunted in the driest months of July through to March. Because we have dump of water.
Firearms & Ammunition – Please bring your own firearms, which you are accustomed to. You are permitted to import three guns into Tanzania for your safari. Handguns, together with automatic and semi- automatic weapons are strictly prohibited. Recommended calibres for dangerous game are .375 H&H Magnum, .416 Rigby and
the .470 Express. For long range shooting, telescopic sights are ideal. You are allowed to import 200 cartridges for each different calibre or gauge, which is sufficient. Please bring your own ammunition. KNS arranges all import/export permits as
required in Tanzania for firearms and ammunition, which are subject to Import Duty. Please ensure correct serial numbers are sent to us at time of booking and that you bring the same rifles for which details have been given. Any discrepancy may result in your rifles being impounded pending correct licensing.
Airlines require that firearms and ammunition be checked. Firearms should be securely cased and unloaded, with ammunition in a separate container. You must advise the commercial airline that you are traveling with firearms and ammunition. Each airline has strict and individual restrictions as to weight and packaging, so please check with the
airline as to their requirements upon booking.
Cites Permits from your country of residence (or country to where your trophies are to be shipped), must be obtained for the animals you wish to hunt. Please note, Masai Land east Safaris are not responsible for obtaining CITES and other import permits for your final destination.